Here’s How Much Kenyan Telcos Made from Mobile Services in 2019

The sector made Kshs. 276.6 billion profit last year

The latest data from the ICT watchdog, the Communications Authority of Kenya(CA), shows how much revenue the telco sector made in 2019. The report also provides a general outlook of how the industry performed in Q2, 2020.

Buried deep is the revenue the telco sector made in the whole of 2019. And how much different services contributed to the overall pie.

The mobile service sector, according to CA, generated Kshs. 276.6 billion in revenue last year, a 4.6 percent uptick from the year before.

The figure includes revenue from retail fixed-telephone, mobile-cellular, Internet, and data services offered by telecommunication operators (both network and virtual) providing services within the country. It also factors in revenue earned from the transmission of TV signals.

Most revenues came from voice services, which accounted for 38.2 percent of the total. Other mobile services category, which includes mobile money transfer and roaming, ranked second, accounting for 32.8 percent.

Data services, including mobile and fixed data, added 21.9 percent, and SMS revenue contributed 7.1 percent.

As you probably might have guessed, Safaricom earned the most revenue in the period compared to other telcos.

The telco’s income from all of the four categories was over 80 percent of the total. However, the telco’s most revenue comes from the other mobile services category, which isn’t surprising in any way as includes its ubiquitous mobile money payment service, M-Pesa.

Airtel made most of its money from data, followed closely by voice and SMS services. For Kenya’s third-largest telco, Telkom Kenya, data makes the entity the most revenue.

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