LG’s AI Direct Drive washers come with a bigger drum capacity to hold more laundry

Owning a washing machine is among the top considerations for any households in this day and age. Washing machines come in different sizes and shapes and it’s important to choose one that perfectly suits your household’s needs.

Why is this so important? Well, if you choose a washer that is too small, you will spend so much time and effort running multiple washing cycles. Again, if you choose an oversized washer, you will spend so much money due to increased costs of power and water that you don’t necessarily need to.

Figuring out the right size washing machine for your household can be tricky, whether you’re shopping online or from a store. LG Electronics, however, has made things easier with their new AI-Powered Direct Drive washers or what LG is calling AI DD.

The new LG AI Direct Drive washers were first unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and comes with a number of interesting features like TurboWash™ 360.

LG also did some improvements as the new washers now come with a bigger drum capacity in the same space. This means compact fit and customers can get a bigger washer and fit in their space. 

With this bigger drum, it means the LG AI Direct Drive washers can hold more items, so you can clean the same amount of clothing in fewer washes than with a smaller model. With a bigger drum capacity, it also means you will not have to worry about your washing habits and needs like how many washes a week you typically do or what types of fabric and clothing you wash.

Although many people always assume that getting a washer with a bigger drum capacity will give them a better cleaning performance, at times that’s never the case.  The LG AI Direct Drive washers, however, come with a TurboWash 360 feature.

The feature shoots jets of water in five different directions simultaneously to quickly break down tough stains. This is because the nozzles combined with the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology are able to reach every inch of your laundry helping them get clean in less time.  This means that even with the bigger drum capacity, you will be getting a good cleaning performance. 

The main advantage of a larger capacity machine however is that it can hold more items, so you can clean the same amount of clothing in fewer washes. It also makes it easy for you to wash bulky items like blankets and curtains that need more room to wash properly. 

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