Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Available in Kenya Soon to Cost 240,000

Samsung is a well-known smartphone brand and is usually among the front-end runners to incorporate new technology. At the high-end of the spectrum, at least.

After being among the first OEM to launch a foldable phone, despite the apparent issues at the first trial. The company managed to iron out the outright problems after a few months of work.

Following the first Fold (technically the second), Samsung earlier this month announced the second iteration to select markets called the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Like the first Fold, Samsung adopted a book-style design that opens up to a tablet-sized display. This is a dramatically different approach from the Galaxy Z Flip, launched in Kenya at KES 160,000, a smartphone that folds into half.

So what’s new in the new Galaxy Z Fold2?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is strikingly similar to the Galaxy Note 20 series on the back

The first noticeable change is on the design. The new Galaxy Z Fold2 has a more prominent 6.2-inch external Infinity-O AMOLED display relative to the 4.3-inch on the original Fold. Its internal screen, with identical type, is also bigger, measuring in at 7.6-inches – with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung has reworked on the hinge as well, allowing opening at variable angles. Additionally, and arguably necessary, the space between the hinge and display has been reduced – but there’s still some space!

Also, the hinge color is customizable. But unfortunately, this is only available in certain regions and, no, Africa is not part of the privileged few.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 also has a hole-punch, both internally and externally, with identical 10-megapixel sensors.

Away from the first-glance stuff, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 does offer a lot more under the hood to its predecessor. It includes Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ processor, 12GB of memory, and 256GB of internal storage.

There’s a total of four cameras on the back; 12-megapixel main, 12-megapixel telephoto and 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 draws power from a 4,500mAh battery.

On network support, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 supports up to 5G, but this will be reportedly be activated next early year.

(There’s no 5G in Kenya right now, but Safaricom is prepping to be the first to launch it in the country before 2020 ends)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Price and Availability in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will be selling at KES 240,000 – almost similar to the original Fold. Pre-orders will be opened in Kenya from September 18.

Samsung promises Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 orders will be added with a premium leather case. Plus, the company will provide a one-year warranty on accidental damages for repairs at a subsidized price.

This year, Samsung is also bringing in more units as against the 24 of 2019.

“The Fold is one of our premium devices and we could have underestimated the market with the previous Fold,” said Samsung’s local head of the mobile division, Charles Kimari.

“Come the Z Fold2, we are determined to make sure that we have double the quantity to make sure the market is covered end to end,” he added.

That’s plausible since the Galaxy Fold sold out on the launch day last year.

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