How Kenya Stacks Against the World in terms of Internet Speed

Kenya has been ranked as number 122 in terms of internet speeds globally. The mean average download speed in the country is 8.20Mbps.

To put this in perspective, it will take you 1 hour, 22 minutes and 55 seconds to download a 5GB HD movie.

Across Africa, Kenya ranks fourth, trailing behind Madagascar (18.0Mbps), Reunion(16.35Mbps), and South Africa(14.04Mbps).

The data comes from Cable.co.uk’s annual Worldwide Broadband Speed League report. Cable UK analysed data from 221 countries which generated enough tests to provide a useful average.

M-Lab — an open-source project with contributors from civil society organisations, educational institutions, and private sector companies — gathered the data.

The research analysed over 557 million broadband speed tests conducted over 12 months.

According to Cable.co.uk, the global average download speeds continue to rise, but there’s another disturbing picture standing out. Last year, the top five fasted countries had download speeds around 125 times faster than the five slowest.

This year, the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening. The top five countries are now 276 times faster than the five slowest.

Top 100 countries on the charts have gained an average of 28.61Mbps while the bottom 100 added a measly 1.54Mbps

Countries in North Africa had the slowest speeds, while Western Europe triumphed with faster internet speeds. 32 of the 50 slowest-performing countries are located in Sub-Saharan or Northern Africa.

Overall, Liechtenstein topped the list boasting a mean download speed of 229.98Mbps. Leading the list from behind is South Sudan with a mean download speed of 0.58Mbps.

With a mean of 229.98Mbps Liechtenstein users only need less than 3 minutes to download a 5GB HD movie, while South Sudan users have to wait for 19 and a half hours.

The research makes it clear that they are many things that come into play when it comes to internet provision. However, there’s a closer relationship between how a country is developed, its landmass and internet speeds.

In general, “you can apply the rule that the larger and less developed the nation is, the slower the internet access tends to be.” A country with less landmass has it easy to upgrade internet infrastructure, hence faster average download speeds.

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