Some Quick Thoughts on the TECNO Pouvoir 4 6000mAh Battery

We have almost told you everything you need to know about the TECNO Pouvoir 4. From our favorite features to the phone joining the Android 11 beta programme and much more.

In our previous article, we mentioned that we will be doing  a separate article on the phone’s battery life. Remember TECNO’s Pouvoir series is known for its huge battery. The Pouvoir 4 comes with a massive 6000mAh battery, which according to TECNO, is capable of powering the phone for four days straight with just a single charge. 

This is something that should quite blatantly get any smartphone user excited because every user wants a phone with a battery life that will not make them worried about their device running out of juice. In fact, we have previously published an article here on TechTrendsKE on how future smartphones could have more battery life. In the article, TechTrendsKE’s  Alvin notes that even though batteries have been improved over time, the demand for more juice is always increasing as smartphones get more sophisticated. 

‘’That’s why we have relied on hardware and software optimization to help boost the time taken by the smartphone before the power is fully exhausted.’’ he says.

TECNO says the TECNO’s Pouvoir 4’s battery is capable of powering the device for four days straight. Is this the case? 

‘’This means with one single charge, you can watch a movie that’s 792 minutes long, play a game for a good 638 mins or Vlog in HD for 516 mins straight’’ TECNO said in a statement.

Let’s all agree, 6000mAh is huge and well on moderate use, the phone was able to last us for close to three days. Well, that’s close enough, with usage revolving around long calls, text messages, the camera, google searches and some bit of Twitter.  The only time a phone battery lasted me this long was when I was using the Infinix HOT 8 in 2019. 

On heavy usage we were also able to push more than 6 hours of screen-on-time, which is absolutely impressive. 

Even after the heavy use we still had more battery to last us an extra day (See screenshot below)

Battery Saving modes

The TECNO Pouvoir 4 also features a battery saver mode to help you retain more juice. This feature basically turns off or restricts background activities, some visual effects and other high-power features to extend your battery life. 

Of course if you still struggle to get the most out of your battery, there are some things you could do that TECNO recommended. They include:

  • Switching off vibration mode
  • Reducing your screen brightness 
  • Shortening screen timeout, something we often don’t pay attention to. 
  • Killing all unnecessary apps and 
  • Disabling GPS or Location setting

Important to mention is that there’s a 10W charger supplied in the TECNO Pouvoir 4 box.  Charging the phone from 0% to 100% takes approximately 3 hours 50 minutes, pretty much 4 hours, which is expected considering the huge size of the battery. How I wish TECNO implemented fast charging.


If you are looking for a reliable affordable phone with a good battery life then the TECNO Pouvoir 4 should be among your top considerations. The battery life is impressive with the downside just being slow charging, I mean more than 3 hours is just too long and of course the lack of USB Type-C support. 

Watch us unbox the phone in the video below.

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