Google Bans Advertisement of Unauthorized Tracking Technology

Google has banned the advertisement of unauthorized tracking technology. In new policy changes set to take effect on August 11, 2020, the company won’t allow advertisement of spyware and surveillance technology.

In an updated version of Google Ads’ Enabling Dishonest Behavior policy, “promotion of products or services that are marketed or targeted with the express purpose of tracking or monitoring another person or their activities without their authorization” will be prohibited.

This includes spyware/malware that can be used to monitor texts, phone calls, or browsing history. GPS trackers marketed to spy or track someone without their consent; promotion of surveillance equipment (cameras, audio recorders, dash cams, nanny cams) marketed with the express purpose of spying.

The updated policy gives leeway to law enforcement agencies and parents who wish to keep tabs on their underage children. Violation of the new policy will result in account suspension.

Basically, what this means to technology companies with such products is they will still continue to operate, but the customer base to pitch to is reduced.

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