FireFox Latest Update Strengthens its Password Manager for Improved Privacy and Security

Mozilla has launched a new version of its Firefox browser – Firefox 76. In the latest update, Mozilla has focused primarily on beefing up the security of its users.

The first change on this front is a new feature in Firefox’s Lockwise password manager. Lockwise now alerts you when a particular website with whom you have an account has been breached.

It will also prompt you to change in case the breached password has been used elsewhere.

The password manager has also been added with password generating functionality. This will aid in setting robust, secure, and unique passwords across online accounts.

This is a handy feature and one of the main reasons why you should embrace password managers if you haven’t already. Password managers save you from much of the headache having to remember different passwords. This often encourages using a single password across online accounts — a risky move in terms of security.

For the case of password security, while sharing the same device, Firefox now prompts you to enter your operating system’s password first before showing the saved passwords.

By having this, Firefox users can now be able to be sure that their online credentials cannot be snooped by other family members. Although this is a new feature for Firefox, other browsers like Chrome already have it.

Other small changes shipping in the update include Audio Worklets support. Audio Worklets supports means that Firefox is now capable of handling more complex audio processing like VR and gaming on the web. For regular Zoom users, you can now join Zoom calls without downloading the app.

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