MeMo² sets the course in Marketing Analytics

Research and consulting agency MeMo² recently introduced a new way of real-time cross-media measurement and optimization. Dutch consumers can now share continuous cross-media exposure, shopping behavior and in-depth insights with the THX app. Consumers are now helping brands 24/7 to become even stronger brands.

It has been announced that the THX platform will be expanded with FLOW. In addition to continuous cross-media direction, FLOW also offers AI-driven prediction software. The process is simple; human interaction data from THX not only flows through dashboards for direct overview, but also flows into econometric and AI-driven modeling software. By using this People Centric data stream in advanced prediction modules, a new revolution is immediately emerging on the Dutch Research and Analytics market.

Behavioral predictions such as future sales numbers, switching behavior, brand consideration, loyalty and retention really need daily human interaction data to function optimally. In addition, that data and knowledge is also necessary to estimate and replay all kinds of scenarios. With THX, that data is now available for the first time. FLOW offers plug-and-play modules aimed at optimizing business performance and sales growth, brand strength, customer retention, multichannel retail traffic and media effectiveness.

In doing so, FLOW meets the wishes of many Dutch brands to make commercial forecasts faster, more reliable, more complete and more relevant. In addition, brands denounce the ad-hoc character of much modeling work.

Marcel Vogels, founder MeMo² says: ”Humans are not robots or will less creatures. That is currently the starting point of Marketing Analytics. Here, sales changes are explained unilaterally and assigned to the amount and mix of media resources deployed. But people display erratic consumer behavior and are also influenced by emotions, previous experiences, the social network, actual and fragmented media exposure and ultimately perceptions. Every day again. Modern marketers and growth hackers need to decipher this enigma. FLOW really gives substance to this for the first time in the Netherlands.”

This innovation is not entirely unexpected. Last year, MeMo² received National and International recognition for its leading role in the application of Artificial Intelligence in effect prediction. As such, MeMo² is Research and Analytics Bureau of the Year (MOA/Esomar) in the Netherlands and Europe’s Grand Prix winner for Research Excellence (IAB Europe Research).

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