Here Are The 22 African Startups Selected For The Wimbart Mentorship Programme

London-based PR agency Wimbart has announced the final list of 22 African startups that will take part in the first edition of the Wimbart Office Hours mentorship Programme.

The mentorship programme is targeted at early-stage startups, and with a focus on companies building tech solutions for Africans on the continent or the Diaspora. The startups cover a range of sectors from health, to agriculture and finance’

”We’re looking forward to equipping them with the PR skills they will need to support their businesses. ” the company said in a statement.

Below is the list of the selected startups:

  1. Passage Telecommunications – Nigeria
  2. The Bulb Africa – Nigeria
  3.  Lendsqr – Nigeria
  4. Novel – Nigeria
  5. Growd Global – Kenya
  6. Kumva – Rwanda
  7. Pledre – Nigeria
  8. Doctor 4 Africa – Pan-Africa
  9. Ovarec – Nigeria
  10. Scrapays Technologies – Nigeria
  11. RentSmallsmall -Nigeria
  12. Ekolaundry – Nigeria
  13. GeoAdvantage – Cameroon
  14. OZÉ – Ghana, Nigeria
  15. Digitalthingzhut – Nigeria
  16. Staffbus – Nigeria
  17. Reaval – Ghana
  18. Wellahealth Technologies– Nigeria
  19. Crop2Cash – Nigeria
  20. First Medtrade Africa – Nigeria
  21. Pricepally – Nigeria
  22. Ecodudu Ltd – Kenya

The Wimbart mentorship programme kicks off with an in-depth PR Webinar and Q+A with Wimbart’s founder, Jessica Hope. Each startup will then have two dedicated one-on-one mentoring sessions with senior Wimbart PR professionals and have the opportunity to tackle questions that are specific to their business needs and growth strategy.

”We want many more startups to benefit from taking part in our Wimbart Office Hours, and so we expect to host a second Programme later on in 2020.” the company said in a statement.

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