Hackers Attacked Businesses 22 Million Times In The Past 7 Days Globally, Report

Staying and home and betting on the internet to get most of the daily activities done that during the pre-Covid19 period needed one to visit a physical office is bringing a lot of challenges to businesses.

Working from home specifically has its own downsides when talking about security matters. Because of that businesses have to keep tabs and keep their security systems updated to ensure their most confidential information remains within the organization.

Work at home is providing a sweet spot for hackers to thrive, it seems. Most recently a repository of nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords was discovered on the web which allegedly belongs to various health and nonprofit organizations on the frontline of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, including the WHO.

To add to the already tough times businesses are facing, due to the ongoing crisis, hackers are also relentlessly attacking businesses around the world.

A recent report from Atlas VPN published on Tuesday has shown that hackers have attacked businesses more than 22 million times in the past week, mostly – over 63 pc – leveraging malware. Phishing and Command & Control (C&C) attacks were also used accounting for 11% and 26% of total attacks.

On a typical day, there were 3.26 million cyberattacks with slightly over 2.07 million of these being malware-based attacks.

The Bigger Picture

From a broad perspective, the number of attacks globally has risen by a bigger margin. 7 days prior to the period under review, there were about 23 million attacks – about a million less. While in the last 30 days, hackers have attacked businesses over 100million times and that number is for, no doubt, higher than that – in a big way.

Why? Because the data reported solely from cybersecurity giant Akamai, whith servers between 15%-30% of web traffic globally. Reasoning from this fact, there’s a bigger pie of web traffic and an even a larger number of unaccounted cyberattacks.

Assuming Akamai catches only 15% of cyberattacks on businesses, the total number of attacks could reach a staggering 600million and about 20 million times per day globally, the company said.

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