Uber Eats For Business Customers To Expand To Over 20 Countries Globally After Successful Pilot Progam

Uber for Business, the corporate version of Uber aimed for corporate customers, is finally expanding its food delivery business for corporate customers to 20 more countries around the world this year.

Uber started testing a food delivery service for business customers in the US over a year ago and is finally ready to expand after a surge in demand due to the work from home culture.

“In addition to supporting employee productivity and social distancing, this expansion is seeking to help broaden the delivery marketplace for restaurants partnered with Uber Eats and ensure that they have access to higher volume, repeat orders,” said Ronnie Gurion, global head of Uber for Business.

Among the first countries to be served include Brazil, Canada, France and the UK, starting today. Before we call it a wrap on 2020, Uber Eats for Business will be available in over 20 countries globally.

The service has been the company’s model of serving corporate customers making it easy for employees to billing work-related trips to their employers.

Different from the consumer-focused Uber Eats, the business food delivery business gets a different dashboard. Using the special admin dashboard, employers can dictate per-meal allowances, the location from which employees can order food from, and what time of day meals can be ordered.

For employees, they will still be able to use the consumer-based Uber Eats app but can now add a work profile – switching between the two depending on the circumstance.

Uber Eats personal and business account
Uber Eats: Both Personal and Business accounts

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