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Twitter Starts Verifying Health Professionals To Help Fight Misinformation Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, social media platforms have been turned out as the perfect breeding grounds of misinformation. Various social media platforms have already implemented various measures by promoting legit sources that are trusted to provide real information about the ongoing virus outbreak.

In response to fighting misinformation on the platform, Twitter has rolled out several measures to help combat the malice and is now doing one more thing in support of the same.

The social media giant has opened its verification procedure aimed at verifying health experts.

The company is working with global health authorities around the world to identify experts affiliated with them that “are providing credible updates” around coronavirus outbreak.

Since the onset of the special program, Twitter has already verified hundreds of accounts, but the process has been slowed down over account issues here and there.

During the weekend, the company made a public call urging all health experts to update their email addresses associated with any authoritative organization or institution to help speed up the process.

As part of helping the company get the experts verified faster, Twitter is urging health professionals to update their email addresses to those of the associated health organization. Another thing to be worked on is the bio which should provide links to the organization they are associated with and that page MUST include a reference back to the Twitter account.

In the future, the company is also considering a way to take public suggestions about the whole process.

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