Coronavirus: SWVL Kenya Customers To Enjoy Free Rides On Routes With High Demand

In line with the government directive urging people to stay at home, SWVL Kenya says it will only ply on essential routes. Essential routes, according to the company are those that have “most demand for necessary commutes” even in a time of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic currently being experienced.

The e-bus hailing company today announced free rides will be available to commuters on these routes. Consumers can travel for free by using a promotional code; HERE4YOU, on the app.

The company has also adopted the 60 percent capacity directive that was issued by the government recently to ensure social distancing is upheld.

Besides, SWVL has also put in place several measures to ensure the safety of its customers. These include availing hand sanitizers for both bus operators and passengers, implementing an open window policy, as well as encouraging commuters to use the company’s in-app wallet for cash-less payments to reduce the use of physical cash.

“As a Kenyan company, we want to ensure we are here to help and support our fellow Kenyans during this very difficult time for our country,” said SWVL Kenya General Manager, Dip Patel.

“We will continue to operate on as many high-traffic routes as possible, to enable people to shop for food supplies and continue other essential travel, particularly for those in critically needed jobs at this time.”

Mr Patel says they will notify their users on the specific routes valid for free rides through the official app.

SWVL also says it is committed to helping the government of Kenya, especially the county’s health ministry in their capacity.

“We support the measures being put in place by the government and encourage our users to stay home and avoid non-essential commuting when they can.”

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