Coronavirus: Only connected businesses will succeed

The disrupted business environment, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, has made it essential to provide everyone in the organisation with anytime, anywhere access.

To be a truly connected business, one needs to reflect on the role digital transformation, open APIs and cloud ERP integrations play in being a connected business. Businesses with cross-module workflow capabilities are connected and therefore also more successful businesses. Therefore, a connected business is one that has embraced modern, mobile technology while eliminating siloes.

For some businesses, being connected is a necessity and is also viewed as a competitive advantage. Having a unified platform that provides seamlessly integrated modules for every user is a massive advantage for any organisation. It’s not necessarily just about the technology, it’s more about the people and the processes and more importantly, the community that exists within that industry.

Cross-module workflow in cloud ERP

Cross-module workflow is a continuous flow of information between previously isolated teams and systems, it drives efficiencies, flexibility and agility. The challenge of not being able to share critical information in real time is eliminated.

Businesses that choose an integrated cloud ERP solution are ultimately connecting their separate commerce, accounting and inventory systems that are slowing down the sales processes. By doing so, they are also reducing the complexities of their operations and can thereby provide improved quality service to their customers.

Cross-module workflow will automatically reflects sales orders in the inventory and replenishment workflow would automatically indicate low inventory, ensuring that stock is available for future orders.

Acumatica is now even easier to use and customise, it had enhanced its unique cross-functional workflows that allow a user to move from CRM to Construction to Manufacturing to Distribution screens seamlessly in real-time, resulting in improved accuracy and productivity.

The interconnected business

The mission of any connected business is to align with the customer journey because their success depends largely on how their customers interact with them and more significantly, the overall end-to-end user experience. If you are trying to drive efficiencies, it is impossible with multiple systems and teams that are disconnected. One needs an integrated all-in-one cloud-based ERP solution like Acumatica.

Acumatica can handle all your business within one system, it offers a full quote-to-cash cycle and it is backed by a solid accounting system. It offers a service package, purchasing, inventory, CRM, quotes, manages projects and sales orders and much more – all in one system.

More importantly, from day one Acumatica’s adaptable platform was built with tightly connected modules including commerce, field service, construction, financial, manufacturing and distribution. With Acumatica’s CRM, every engagement with the customer is available in one screen, this includes new opportunities, orders, renewals and support tickets. It gives a lifetime view when looking at a customer profile.

All modules interact easily with each other, they use the same database and have the same look and feel. Regardless of their role, all users can access information from any of these modules, at any time and from anywhere – and from one solution.


In this new business environment, we must be flexible, agile and always connected. Every company’s success lies in its ability to access vital data through cross-module workflow capabilities and to track customers from lead to deal and after the deal.

This article was submitted by One Channel CEO Bernard Ford.

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