Here Are The Top-10 Best-Selling Smartphones Of 2019

2019 was seemingly a good year for Apple, as a report revealed. Despite being displaced as the second-best-selling smartphone company last year, two of the company’s devices emerged as the top best selling smartphones throughout 2019, according to a research firm, Omdia.

iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in 2019, surpassing all the models from other popular smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung. It is no surprise that the iPhone XR is still at the top after leading the market in every quarter since its launch in Q4 2018.

The company managed to ship about 46.3 million ‌iPhone XR‌ units in the whole of 2019, which, according to the firm, has more than doubled compared to a year earlier. The company shipped an estimated 23.1 million units in 2018.

The second-best-selling smartphone was still an iPhone- the iPhone 11 with an estimated 37.3 million units shipped. The figure is grand keeping in mind the phone was launched in September last year and was on the shelves only four months in 2019.

Samsung then followed the list with three of its Galaxy A series devices taking the third, fourth and fifth positions.  Samsung’s revamped Galaxy A series phones have in particular proved popular around the world, which was introduced to compete with the likes of Xiaomi.

Here is the full top-10 list of best selling smartphones in 2019

  1. iPhone XR – 46.3 million
  2. iPhone 11 – 37.3 million
  3. Galaxy A10 – 30.3 million
  4. Galaxy A50 – 24.2 million
  5. Galaxy A20 – 19.2 million
  6. iPhone 11 Pro Max – 17.6 million
  7. iPhone 8 – 17.4 million
  8. Redmi Note 7 – 16.4 million
  9. iPhone 11 Pro — 15.5 million
  10. Galaxy J2 core – 15.2 million

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