iPhone 11 Pro Users Finally Granted The Power Over Location Tracking

Apple’s 2019 iPhone 11 series phones were great. However, it was unfortunate that users who bought the iPhone 11 Pro models could still be tracked even if location tracking was turned off, according to KrebsOnSecurity.

The issue, according to the company, was due to the new UWB chip used in the latest iPhones that was still not approved around the world. As a result, the iPhone 11 Pro has to check location services to know whether it can grant permissions to the UWB chip or not.

“We do not see any actual security implications. It is expected behavior that the Location Services icon appears in the status bar when Location Services is enabled. The icon appears for system services that do not have a switch in Settings,” Apple said in response to KrebsOnSecurity.

In response to the matter, the company has released a patch via the latest iOS 13.3.1 Beta 2 update.

Now, beta users can be able to take control of their location data by disabling location tracking entirely. Although that will come with repercussions.

Apple says turning off location tracking services “may affect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ultra-Wideband performance.”

The company initially acknowledged that the location tracking feature is entirely done on the device, and the company does not use it to collect any user location data, if their statements are anything to go by.

To disable location tracking, Go to Settings> Privacy > Locations Services > System Services and toggle the “Networking & Wireless” option.

You must be running iOS 13.3.2 Beta 2 to see this option.

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