Oppo Just Patented A Smartphone With A Side Pop-up Selfie Camera

After almost three years of working to achieve full-screen displays on smartphones, which we already have – to some extent – Oppo thinks there is still more to be done in this space.

The company has just patented a smartphone with a side placed pop-up selfie camera. This is a new technique that will help the Chinese tech company make full-screen smartphones.

It is an addition to the typical design we have seen in the past few years, where OEMs have been using display notches, punch holes, pop-ups, and even rotating cameras to achieve full-screen displays on their smartphones.

We have seen phones with popups situated on the top, but Oppo’s latest patent shows a variation in the location of this motorized selfie camera. Like the normal pop-up camera, Oppo’s side-mounted pop-up cam also sits flush with the sides of the phone when not in use.

The patent sketch also reveals the company retaining the headphone jack for this particular device. Apart from these, we can also see a USB Type C connector, bottom-firing speakers, and a dual-camera setup on the back.

The front of the phone is covered by the screen largely, while both the bottom chin and top bezel are minimized, but are not entirely inexistent.

I won’t forget to mention that this is just a patent and that it may not turn out to be a real product from Oppo in the future.

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