Safaricom Is Now The Largest Fiber Internet Provider In Kenya

Safaricom has now beaten Zuku to claim the number one spot in the fixed broadband market. The Wananchi Group-owned ISP has been the long-reigning champion, but that has changed after Safaricom recorded massive growth of its fiber business in the last quarter.

This report comes from the Communications Authority of Kenya. The report claims that Safaricom has increased in fiber subscriptions in the last quarter by 16,779. This made the company’s total fixed broadband subscriptions reach a total of 154,603 by the end of the quarter.

You can agree with me that Safaricom’s aggressive investment in the fixed broadband market in the past few years has paid off.

On the other side, their close rival Zuku is just a few points behind. The CA report reveals that Zuku bagged a total of 5,199 subscriptions in the last quarter, totaling up to 151,548 subscriptions.

The rate at which Safaricom is growing its Fiber internet should be worrying to its long rival Zuku. Over the past few quarters, Safaricom Fiber growth numbers have always been two or three folds more than those recorded by Zuku.

Soon, a broader gap in this market is highly anticipated if the current growth rate is maintained.

In terms of market share, Safaricom ranks 1st with a 34.0% share followed closely by Wananchi group owned ISP Zuku with a 33.3% share, and Jamii Telecom ranks third with 14.6% having a total of 66,572 subscriptions.

The report also notes that the international internet bandwidth in Kenya has grown to 5,374.02 Gpbs from 4,707.0 Gbps, representing a 14.2% rise.

This substantial growth has been attributed to the expansion of the EASSY cable that has been instrumentally resourceful in trying to meet the rising demand for fixed broadband services.

In the same quarter, EASSY increased its broadband capacity by 40.2% to 1,280 Gbps. TEAMS also upped its capacity by 42.5% to 1,000 Gbps. SEACOM, however, still ranks first with its 2,840 Gbps broadband capacity, which has remained the same in the past quarter.

CA says the utilized broadband capacity in the country has also recorded a  12.5% rise in the past quarter, in comparison to the previous quarter.

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