Dark Mode Scheduling Might Be Available On Android Soon

With Android 10, one of the most anticipated features has been dark mode. Dark mode has been vouched for by most users due to several advantages it brings over the legacy white mode that has been existent on Android since inception.

The latest reports revealed that system-wide dark mode might soon be receiving a scheduling option. This will let users set the times when they want the dark theme to start running automatically – typically in the evenings and throughout the night.

That gives it a bit of an edge, and though a nifty change, it is a useful addition.

Initially, Dark Mode scheduling was first spotted on a beta build of Android 10, but it was unfortunate that it never made it to the official release, first seeded out in September. This was due to issues that forced apps to restart while in use when dark mode was activated.

Right now, the only scheduling option available on Android is the yellow tinted Night Light mode that adjusts the amount of blue light emitted to prevent eye strain at night.

But not many people love the yellowish hue, so dark mode scheduled is handy in this situation.

The issue has already been fixed according to the Google Issue Tracker comment left by a Google employee.

“The issue reported here ‘Dark Mode Scheduling’ has been fixed and it will become available in a future Android release,” a Google employee stated.

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