Amazon Sent Random Items To Nintendo Switch Buyers On Black Friday, Including Condoms

Amazon users getting a Nintendo Switch were in for a shock this Black Friday. Amazon reportedly sent random and in some instances weird items to would-be Switch owners. These items included weird ones like Condoms and dog food.

Some notable items send included a laptop fan cooler, AA Duracell batteries, washing powder, a ream of paper, a facial hair trimmer, a bedsheet, dog food, washing-up liquid, air freshener, a shaver, an electric toothbrush, photopolymer resin, microphones, condoms among other random items.

Amazon apologized for the hiccups, further stating that they will investigate what lead to the gross blunder. The company also said they would issue full refunds for the affected customers so they can purchase the Switch again by themselves.

Unfortunately, that means the would-be Switch would have to purchase the consoles at the regular price instead of the discounted Black Friday price.

Here is what one of the affected customers said about the same,

“It was on offer for £300 and I ordered it. It arrived today and as I opened, it was a laptop fan cooler that couldn’t be worth more than £10.”

“After I called customer services they told me they couldn’t do anything about the fact that it’s gone back up in price now, I have to wait for my refund and then pay the higher price now the deal has ended.”

“How is this fair? This was Amazons fault, not my own and yet I’m literally paying for it.”

Amazon users have been airing out complains on social media over delivery delays during the holiday season. Even Prime users have had delivers done past the set period of two days. Amazon acknowledged the issue stating that delivery timelines may vary due to the order volume and fulfillment as well as delivery capacity available in specific areas.

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