Amazon beats Google in Q3 smart speaker market

Although smartphone sales have been dipping quarter after quarter, except in Q3, the smart speaker market has been in the boom.

Canalysis shows that smart speaker sales have been on the rise in Q3, growing by 44.9 percent. That represents a total of 28.6 million units.

Amazon has shipped more smart speakers than any other company. The tech giant shipped a total of 10.4 million units in Q3 2019, followed by Alibaba, Baidu, Google, and Xiaomi, who shipped 3.9, 3.7, 3.5, and 3.4 million smart speaker units, respectively.

Baidu realized the most prominent annual growth of 290.1%, followed by Xiaomi at 77.7%. Alibaba also recorded massive annual growth by 77.6%.

Smart speaker sales in Q3 by Canalysis

The latest report shows that Amazon has grown its market share by only 65.9%, banking the company a controlling share of 36.6% in the whole market. This is about three folds more compared to its competitors.

Google has been the biggest loser in Q3. The company’s smart speaker shipments have dropped by 40.1%, as compared to a similar period last year. As a result, Google’s market share in the market has fallen from 29.8% to 12.3%, which places the company fourth in general.

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