NordVPN Officially Launches NordLocker, Its File Encryption Tool

NordVPN, one of the world’s most popular VPN providers, has launched its file encryption tool – NordLocker. The tool can be used to encrypt files either on your local storage or cloud.

It can be used to ensure your private files, such as photos, videos, music, notes, etc. are secure while at your preferred cloud storage or wherever you are used to storing them.

“Our mission is to combine the best usability practices with the highest encryption standards. NordLocker is not cloud storage. Think of it as middleware that adds a security layer to your data. NordLocker never stores your files anywhere,” says Ruby Gonzalez, Head of Communications at NordVPN.

“It never stores your files anywhere. Instead, it lets you keep them wherever you’re used to, only securely,” he added. NordLocker secures your files in making them look like folder-like “lockers,” which cannot be accessed unless a preset master password is provided.

The tool uses the industry-standard cryptographic encryption protocols like Argon2, AES256, ECC (with XChaCha20, EdDSA, and Poly1305).

NordLocker can be used to encrypt files of any type and is available on both macOS and Windows.

NordLocker features include;

  • One-click encryption
  • Master password protection
  • Confidential cross-platform sharing
  • Supports files of any type and size
  • Encrypts files stored on a computer and in the cloud
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Runs on macOS and Windows
  • Robust cryptosystem (AES256, ECC, Argon2)
  • Zero-knowledge architecture

NordLocker has both a free and a premium version. The free version is capped at 5GB, while the premium version is limitless.

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