Africa 24 Media Launches YEBO, An African-Focused VoD Platform

Africa 24 Media has launched YEBO, the first African factual storytelling Video on Demand (VoD) platform. The main event happened on October 30th, with the company unveiling its new business strategy after over a decade of content production.

The company now presents its content through YEBO, a streaming platform described as the “Home of well-curated narratives of the modern Africa.”

YEBO showcases the adversity and creativity in Africa all through stories that are educative, inspiring, and at the same time, entertaining about Africans.

There are several categories on the platform, including half hour long Documentaries on major historical events and biographies of iconic African leaders. In addition to that, there are also short stories curved around topics like health, politics, sports, women, to name a few.

Other categories include weekly shows featuring fresh episodes of the company’s weekly magazine shows, and the Editor’s pick, a section that helps you discover other interesting content on the platform.

Speaking at the event, Africa 24 Media Founder and C.E.O, Asif Sheikh said, “For 11 years we have been producing content from all over Africa. We have stuck to our mandate of telling Africa’s positive stories in different forms of media.”

“Today, we take it a step further and give Africans in the diaspora as well as those within the continent a chance to continue celebrating their motherland through stories. Through YEBO, we hope to give the power to the consumer, in this case, our audience to enjoy thousands of stories never seen before and created by our team of talented journalists,” he added.

Through YEBO, you will be able to access factual stories from over 30 African countries. YEBO has both free and paid content at a small fee.

You can access the YEBO streaming platform via web or on Mobile via the YEBO Android app. Using the Android app, you can download content which can be watched offline within a period of 30days.

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