Google is partnering with security companies to crack down on malicious apps before they hit the Play Store

Android is messed up, not entirely, but there is a never-ending threat to malicious apps being harbored in the official store.

While it is not advisable to download apps from other sources, the Playstore itself is not a safe haven. We have seen multiple apps with hundreds of millions of downloads being pulled out of the Playstore for having malware.

Google has taken a new security measure by seeking assistance from three security firms to help tackle the problem. The three firms will help Google identify malicious apps before they’re published on the Play Store with the potential to harm Android devices.

The App Defense Alliance as the partnership is called, comprises ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium.

Google has in the past introduced security measures like Playprotect but that has not solved the core problem yet. Google is now partnering with three security firms to help them handle this issue.

As a result, Google will integrate it’s Play Protect detection systems with each partner’s scanning engines.

So far this year alone, there has been a 50% rise in cyberattacks targeting mobile devices – mostly Android according to Check Point. The firm, in its 2019 half-year report stated that hackers have turned to smartphones with credential-theft, surveillance, and malicious advertising. This issue has been majorly attributed to the use of mobile banking applications.

In August, a total of 204 malicious apps were found on Google Play, with over 438,400,00 installs.

In the media, removing apps A and B from your Android phone has been a major news headline this year. So, let us hope the App Defense Alliance’ can help reduce this menace.

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