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Forget the Critics; Facebook Keeps Growing

Despite all the criticism thrown at Facebook, the company keeps going bigger, making ends meet in terms of revenue. The company’s latest quarterly earnings report indicates the company’s revenue is growing, as well as the number of active users in a month.

Facebook posted net revenue of $17.65 billion, up 28 percent year over year in the third quarter. The company achieved its targets, as well, surpassing it by around $0.25 billion.

The number of users who log in to the platform every single day in a month increased by 8% from 2.27 billion MAUs in a similar period last year.

Facebook has been under immense pressure recently over privacy and security matters, as well as the spread of misinformation.

Unlike Twitter, which became vocally strong on their stand about political ads, Mark Zuckerberg still maintains that the company will allow political ads.

Jack Dorsey, in a tweetstorm, said: “political message reach should be earned, not bought.” He argues that highly optimized ads end up removing the element of choice, thus seen as forcing.

Facebook CEO, on the other hand, says that Ads are an “important part of voice,” and Facebook ads will be the go-to platform to make up for what the media does not cover.

“It’s hard to define where to draw the line,” he said. “Would we really want to block ads for important political issues like climate change or women’s empowerment?”

Facebook is taking a different approach by seeking more transparency in ads instead.

Revenue from political ads will not exceed 0.5% of the total revenue next year, according to the company estimates. Don’t be deceived by the percentages to forget about the real issue here. 0.5% revenue of a company large like Facebook is, obviously, millions of dollars.

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