Huawei Continues with Mass production of 5G base stations without US Supplies

It has not been easy for Huawei upon the US trade ban, but the company is having to take the sore pills and carry on with its plans no matter what. After launching its OS, a first HarmonyOS powered TV and the Mate 30 series, Huawei is ready for its next solo adventure.

According to Reuters, Huawei’s Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei says the company has already started production of next-generation wireless base stations (5G base stations) without US parts.

Ren says the company has been performing tests in August and September. As from October, the company will be producing 5,000 base stations, according to Ren.

“We carried out the testing in August and September, and from October on we will start scale production,” Ren said.

In 2020, Huawei plans to go all in targeting to make at least 1.5 million units. Which is roughly double of this year’s 600,000 units that include those with US components and those without.

Huawei’s president of corporate strategy Will Zhang was quoted stating that the company 5G base stations are “no worse.” He added that the firm “has had positive surprises” on the performance of the US-free 5G base stations although no further details were added to back up the statement.

Ren is still ready to use US components though, citing their relationship with US suppliers. Huawei’s CEO had been previously quoted stating he was prepared to sell their 5G technology. Which includes the blueprint and know-how to any willing western buyer at a one-off fee.

In latest reports on Thursday 26th, Ren said the company is willing to license its 5G technology to a US company. Even if that will impose competition on them, which he is not afraid of.

On 5G contracts, Norway is the latest European country to give the go-ahead to Huawei to bid for its 5G contracts.

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