Huawei Unveils its new-generation whole-home Wi-Fi system

At IFA 2019, Huawei the Chinese tech behemoth unveiled a new-generation whole home Wi-FI system called HUAWEI Wi-Fi Q2 Pro. Huawei WIFI Q2 Pro router is aimed at serving internet connection even in multi-story buildings by offering a “smart Wi-Fi experience” which unlike legacy routers, bypasses the physical barriers that create “dead zones” in some parts of the house.

WIFI Q2 Pro boasts a combination of dual-band auto-selection, seamless roaming, and automatic channel optimization to ensure all parts of a building are covered with an internet connection.

On the hardware side, Huawei’s home router relies on the company’s gigabit PLC modem chip coupled with PLC Turbo technology resulting in a substantial reduction of signal noise. With the Gigabit PLC modem chip, the router delivers up to 200Mbps.

For those with high internet speed needs, Huawei offers another HUAWEI Wi-Fi Q2 Pro 3 Pack Hybrid version. It uses 5 GHz mesh Wi-Fi technology and hybrid networking of PLC delivering theoretical speeds of up to 1,867 Mbps.

Compared to its predecessor, the new router boasts a 50%–120% increase in networking performance. And since security is also an issue when it comes to routers, Huawei’s Wi-Fi Q2 Pro uses the latest IPv6 network communication protocol.

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