Firefox Update Bars Third-Party Tracking Cookies, Cryptomining and More

Mozilla has rolled out a new version of their browser both for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. In the latest update (Firefox, version 69), Mozilla has implemented new measures to block third-party tracking cookies and crypto mining. Both of these new features are now turned on by default.

With third party tracking blocked, this will make it hard for companies to track down user activity on the web.

Firefox 69 also comes with “Enhanced Tracking Protection” turned on which includes blocking of known “third-party tracking cookies” based on Mozilla’s list. The new features will be rolled out as part of the Standard setting in Firefox.

Enhanced Tracking Protection feature has been under testing since June this year, and the company says over 20% of its users have it enabled, at the moment. But the company says they expect to “provide protection for 100% of “their” our users by default.”

Firefox 69 also edges out crypto miners, which hack your GPU to generate cryptocurrency. Lastly, the new update also blocks Fingerprinting scripts that, well, “fingerprint” your identity enabling websites to track down your online activity.

Unlike the two new features turned on by default, for fingerprinting Firefox gives you an option to shield yourself by turning on ‘Strict Mode.’ To do this navigate to Preferences > Privacy & Security > Content Blocking and turn on “Strict Mode.” In the future, the company says it will enable fingerprinting protections by default.

To download Firefox 69 for Windows and Mac head over to Mozilla’s official website. On Android, the update is rolling out slowly. So, buy some patience instead if you haven’t received it already.

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