LG is Focusing on AI for the Future of Smart Homes

Smart Home is a collective term by any chance you happen to make Google your best friend while looking for anything IoT related. IoT is the overseen future that will involve automation of life to every inch of our life you can imagine of.

But IoT shouldn’t be regarded as the future when already there are over 200,000 IoT devices produced annually. Are we already in the future?

LG is one of the players that have focused on bringing AI to their electronics. LG AI Thin Q TV didn’t just act as the first AI integrated OLED TV but also is the first of its kind that works a Smart Hub to the whole Smart Home ecosystem. To get set for the emerging technology LG in May announced their first AI chip. LG is making a big bet on AI for the future we may be living in.

At the core of the chip is the LG neural engine, which improves the deep-learning algorithm that is aimed at being applied in smart home devices including robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The LG neural engine adds more natural human-like thinking patterns to its upcoming lineage of smart home devices.

“Our AI chip is designed to provide optimized artificial intelligence solutions for future LG products,” said LG’s president, I P Park.

LG AI chip importantly incorporates On-Device AI, which brings full AI functionality on a device without needing an internet connection. Additionally, the chip includes both visual and voice intelligence to be able to distinguish objects and voices, respectively.

The South Korean Electronics Company doesn’t plan to do this alone though, the company will actively collaborate with other companies, universities, and even research laboratories to expand the reach of its Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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