US Could Offer Huawei Another 90-day Export License, Reports

Since Huawei was slapped with an export ban in the US, all has not been well for the Chinese tech giant trading with US tech firms.

The company was offered a 90-day reprieve to continue supporting their current customers based in the US before the US cuts ties with the company. However, Reuters has reported that the US Commerce Department is expected to grant Huawei another 90-day “temporary general license.”

The 90-day reprieve issued on May 20, 2019, expires on August 19 and the new license is expected to renew the license to run through November. The extension aims at allowing the company to continue maintaining existing telecommunications networks and provide software updates to their handsets.

The new license renewal was to be a matter of discussion this weekend where Trump and Xi were expected to discuss via a call. A license renewal should not be surprising since it became clear that the US leverage the Huawei ban to resume their stalled trade talks with China.

However, after China’s President Xi and Trump met while at the G-20 Summit, Huawei was offered a go-ahead to continue trading with US tech firms. It required US tech companies to request for temporary trade licenses to transact with Huawei upon approval by the US Department of Commerce.

Since then Huawei is still experiencing problems trading with US technology companies. Huawei has not commented on the matter and neither has the US Department of Commerce. But as of tomorrow, we should expect an update on the matter.

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