After Launching an Android Replacement, Huawei is working on a Google Maps Alternative

Since the US ban came into effect, Huawei has been on the run to seek alternative ways that they can use to be self-dependent, especially when it comes to the Android ecosystem.

Although Google may still be fighting to see if Android could be secluded from the ban, Huawei is at the same time ready to make its way although they prefer using Android. Huawei already launched their first product running HarmonyOS, although in the meantime is only available in China.

Reports suggest that Huawei is planning to launch its mapping service dubbed Map Kit in October. Map Kit is, however, not a direct Google Maps replacement; instead, Huawei wants to encourage developers to build apps based on the mapping capabilities of the app.

Map Kit will be available in Huawei’s local China and other 150 countries globally with the support of 40 languages. The move is meant to see Huawei maintain its smartphone popularity in the global markets where users heavily rely on Google Maps and the whole Google Service ecosystem.

The app will offer real-time traffic conditions, with robust sophistication which can recognize a user changing lanes. Besides Maps Kit will also support augmented-reality mapping according to Zhang Pingan, Huawei’s President of Cloud Services.

There are already companies interested in Map Kit, including China’s internet service provider Yandex and Booking Holdings.

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