HMD Global Extends Security Patch Support to First Nokia Android Phones

Security patches are crucial when it comes to software, and with smartphones, not everyone can provide monthly updates to all their devices other than HMD.

The company has been using its guaranteed timely and more extended period of security updates as bait to garner more people into their smartphone ecosystem.

Now the company is even taking matters to another level providing another year of security patch support to their 2017 devices. Nokia had promised two years of security updates which they have done a great job keeping their promise. Since that time is almost up, there is still something to smile for users of Nokia’s first Android devices launched in 2017.

The devices in question are the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and 8. However, now that these devices will be relying on a “bonus,” things will change a little bit. Nokia will provide security updates quarterly than the usual monthly basis. So, the quarterly update will include all the three months of security patches.

Quarterly updates of Nokia 5,6 and 8 will start in October this year to October 2020 while Nokia 3 will be provided with the same starting September this year through September 2020.

Sadly, not all devices launched in 2017 have been included in the list. Nokia 2 was launched in November, and Nokia plans to conclude the security patches this November. Besides, not all of the models, as mentioned above, will be served with security patches in all the regions.

Nokia 6 Amazon in the US and India will not receive an extra year of security patches. Nokia will conclude pushing their OTA security patch updates in October 2019.

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