South Koreans are Adopting 5G at a Fast Rate, Subscribers Approaching 1.5 Million

South Korea has been on the upfront on the 5G launch with its first commercial use starting back on April 3rd. Sixty-nine days later the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology stated that the network’s user base had hit 1 Million. This is according to reports released as per June 10th.

The numbers even dwarf the 4G adoption rate, which took 80 days to hit the 1 million subscribers’ milestone back in 2011.

The country recorded an average daily new subscriber count of about 17,000 despite the coverage being limited to some parts of the country.  By the end of June, South Korean media reported growth of 5G subscribers by around 340,000. Statistics indicate the country may as well hit the 4 or 5 million mark come to the end of 2019.

In South Korea launch of devices with 5G support have sparked local interest with people keen on 5G supportive services marketed along like VR, AR, live sports, and gaming content. South Korea has even reportedly had 5G services as early as December 2018, which was purely available for corporate clients.

Other parts of the world like the U.S, 5G subscriber count has yet to be revealed with its implementation being limited to countable locations. 5G rollout in most countries is expected to be available in 2020 or even 2021.

In Kenya, Safaricom was rumored to be testing an innovative network technology -proposedly 5G, which no update has been provided since. And so to say the commercial launch seems to be unpredictable, but will eventually come.

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