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Facebook to Add its Name to Instagram and WhatsApp to Indicate it Owns Them

Recently Facebook has been under scrutiny by the EU over its ownership of both Instagram and WhatsApp. According to the EU watchdog, the company may have acquired both Instagram and WhatsApp in order to kill potential competitors –which, according to the EU regulations may be considered an anti-competitive practice.

Facebook has revealed that it is now going forward to state that they do own both WhatsApp and Instagram frankly.

Well, for those who didn’t know Facebook also owns your other favorite social media platforms –it is high time you got wind of the reality.

Facebook will include a “from Facebook” suffix on both Instagram and WhatsApp names. This means that WhatsApp and Instagram’s new name will turn to WhatsApp from Facebook and Instagram from Facebook, respectively. The new naming scheme applies for both the App Store and Google Playstore.

Although the changes are yet to be implemented on the naming, Facebook has already included the suffix in the description section of both WhatsApp and Instagram in Google Playstore.Instagram on Google Play

So this means we are still in the nascent stage of the implementation.

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