LG’s InstaView is revolutionizing the Smart Kitchen

LG has sent a clear message to the world of Smart Homes with their smart appliances. LG drove the revolution of bringing AI in TV the first of its kind. LG has also launched its own AI chip which will help push innovations in Smart Home appliances faster. LG InstaView is the company’s new fridge that is powered by their own AI software ThinQ to help revolutionalize your kitchen.

LG InstaView ThinQ still leverages on ThinQ which brings the next generation tech straight to your kitchen. Regarding the ThinQ AI, your fridge opens a new possibility that hasn’t been possible before.

No more carrying of shopping lists when you’re heading to the supermarket least you forget to restock something in your fridge. With LG’s ThinQ AI, you can view what’s in your fridge remotely using the ThinQ app that connects to cameras placed inside the InstaView fridge.

Besides, the fridge also will offer you recipes to your favorite dishes based on what’s in your fridge. The refrigerator can also help you shop and restock items in your fridge. ThinQ reminds you even when an item in your fridge is about to expire. You can set this by using the transparent LCD touch screen by setting expiry dates.

Despite the high tech specs the LG InstaView is equipped with, this tech also helps save on energy. The fridge has an Energy Saving Mode that will be automatically switched on at night.

Additionally, for more efficiency, InstaView refrigerator works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant to help you perform almost everything using voice commands. With Amazon Alexa built-in, you can shop for groceries, play music, check the weather, create shopping lists, and more via voice commands.

With these tech specs, LG should also consider equipping its InstaView fridge with dietary recommendations on what needs to take. However, this tech also comes with a disadvantage, see imagine your refrigerator refuses to reorder some snacks for you because you gained a little fat in the past weeks. It could be embarrassing.

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