FedEx Won’t Ship Huawei Phones from the UK to the US

Huawei as a topic has been yesterday, today and likely will still be tomorrow’s news. All problems can be cited to the company’s trade ban by the US earlier last month. Many US-based tech companies that had business partnerships with Huawei have since cut ties with the company in compliance with Trump’s administration.

FedEx has also joined the listing by suspending shipping any Huawei devices to the US. It’s noteworthy knowing FedEx had no business ties with Huawei. The news has been revealed by PC Mag who tried to ship a Huawei P30 Pro phone to the US from the UK. PcMag had sent the package via FedEx which was 5 hours later returned to them. In a tweet Lead Analyst for PCMag stated


In reply to the matters at hand, FedEx replied via a tweet saying “Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and 68 of its global affiliates were included on the ‘Entity List’ which sets out a list of certain entities that US companies are restricted from doing business with. My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

Besides FedEx is avoiding anything ‘Huawei‘ related to staying clear off from any possible scrutiny from the US administration. It is ridiculous why FedEx would do this yet Huawei P30 Pro and other Huawei devices are selling on Amazon’s US website.

But a Huawei spokeswoman on Twitter stated bashed FedEx stating it’s a “complete misinterpretation” of the EO/EL (executive order/entity list,).”

UPS a close competitor shipping company to FedEx, on the other hand, clarified that they still ship Huawei products to the UK and US since there is “not a general ban on shipping Huawei devices” between the two locations. UPS also restricts shipping in “69 selected Huawei locations” which are all outside the US and are included in the Federal Register’s May issue.

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