Huawei may opt for Sailfish OS fork as an Android alternative in future

Much has been said already about Huawei and its plan to find an alternative to Android OS. The clock is ticking, and a solution has to be found in the coming two months; otherwise, Huawei’s smartphone business will get a big blow.

But before things turn to the worst,  Huawei has been working on its alternative Operating System that is based on open source Android OS software for sometime now.

Ark OS codenamed HongMeng OS is already under testing, and positive feedback has previously been reported about the OS. It has been revealed that ArkOS is 60% faster in performance as compared to Android.

But Ark OS is not the only solution, Huawei also has a plan B to ArkOS. According to reports, Huawei is looking into Aurora OS a mobile operating system that is based on open-source Sailfish OS Linux distribution by Jolla,  a Finnish company.

Aurora OS is developed in Russia and has even been used by the government in Russia for mobile projects and corporations owing to its privacy and security features. Jolla only collects data needed to run its services and doesn’t collect data without personal consent. Besides, Jolla doesn’t sell data to third parties too. But when it comes to the average consumer, updates matter, I hope Huawei has that in mind.

Sailfish OS isn’t popular but it revolves around privacy and security, which has enabled it to amass some percentage of the mobile market. Till date, few mobile devices have commercially shipped with Sailfish OS. The Chinese tech company has been reported to be testing Aurora OS on some of its devices.

Can a pre-made OS be a better alternative to Huawei than working on its OS? Let us know what you think.

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