ALERT: Under-display camera- the next big thing showcased on Twitter

Pop-up camera, notch designs, pizza-like cameras, and even screen punches have been almost a perfect way of achieving a high screen ratio. Pop up camera first pioneered by Vivo’s Nex device has been a trend in the past two years.

But well, now that age is just about to end. It seems time is up for this kind of selfie camera design tweaks. Xiaomi and Oppo have yesterday on Twitter showcased the unimaginable. The two companies have teased an Under-Display camera on top of an OLED panel.

Oppo through a tweet stated “For those seeking the perfect, notch-less smartphone screen experience, prepare to be amazed. You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera.” Amazing indeed.’

Xiaomi on Twitter also demonstrated their Under-display prototype, which was being compared to a tear-drop display. This may probably be Xiaomi’s next phone possibly the Xiaomi Mi 9 or maybe its too early for that.

There isn’t much to be said about this new feature though it looks fine especially for those who have been waiting for full displays with no notches and punch holes and still hate the idea of motorized selfie cameras.

The two companies haven’t stated anything on when the technology will be launched in their flagships. Consequently, it’s yet unclear on when this kind of feature will be available commercially in smartphones.

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