Huawei’s membership with SD Association and WiFi Alliance restored

Huawei ‘s membership with both SD Association and WiFi Alliance was suspended last week in compliance with the Trump trade blacklist. The suspension had come just after other US-based tech companies had cut ties with the Chinese firm.

The suspension saw Huawei’s name removed from the membership lists on the websites of SD Association and WIFI Alliance. However, both companies have restored the company’s membership today, stating that they had not completely cut ties with Huawei. Instead, the two companies have said that Huawei’s membership was temporarily revoked to comply with Trump’s order.

The membership restoration required some modification that both SD Association and WiFi Alliance have put in place to retain Huawei as a member and remain in compliance with the trade ban.

Talking on the matter an SD Association spokesman stated that  “Huawei’s membership was never cancelled, it has been temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of Commerce Order. The name was missing from our website earlier due to a technical issue.”

In spite of the current state, Huawei’s membership suspension was just a hitch that couldn’t let the company take part in future advancements in both SD cards and WiFi technologies, which means that the Chinese tech giant could still have continued to use both WiFi technology and SD cards in their future smartphones.

Recent reports have also indicated that Huawei’s partnership with both JEDEC – a semiconductor producing company and Bluetooth has also been restored.

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