Truecaller user data selling on the dark web for over KES 200,000

TrueCaller Indian user data has been seen selling on the dark web for over KES 200,000. The data, according to a report is that True Caller global users emails, phone numbers, and even names have been leaked and are currently being sold on the dark web.

Though the data leak could affect any user from any part of the world, Truecaller has over 60% of its users based in India. With a user base of around 140million daily active users globally, the company’s data for global users are being sold as high as 2500 euros, 500 euors more than Indian users data.

Despite the reports, Truecaller has denied any possibilities that the company was breached. Denying the allegations, the Swedish company has reported that they have had instances of unauthorized copying of data, termed scraping, by its users. Truecaller user data are not well protected since the premium version of the application usually gives access to users to search for an unlimited set of numbers on the platform.

“The team has been investigating the matter and has found a substantial percentage of the sample data does not match or is not Truecaller data,” the Swedish company said.

On the future of the company’s way of operation the company had earlier in February stated that they were setting daily limits of the number of searches per user account.

“We would like to reinforce that this was not an attack on our database, as data stored on our servers is highly secured. We take the privacy of our users and the integrity of our services, extremely seriously. As we investigate, we will continuously implement new protocols to prevent any future attempts,” Truecaller reporting to the Economic Times.

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