Ads are coming to WhatsApp Status next year, are you ready?

WhatsApp since being acquired by Facebook in February 2014 was the only app that was not monetized. However, in last year’s Facebook Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s plans to monetize its instant messaging app.

With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp ads will make a significant profit in the company’s revenue. WhatsApp ads will be placed along with WhatsApp status stories, Snapchat stories copycat. Since WhatsApp launched the status feature, the feature has over 450million daily active users on the platform.

Introduction of Ads in WhatsApp was one of the issues, which lead to the resignation of WhatsApp co-founder from the company. Introduction of Ads would mean that WhatsApp would have to track users and get to know more about them. For effective advertisements, Facebook will have to know more about customers keeping in mind the company’s never-ending privacy concerns.

Other new features that will be launched include WhatsApp business catalog integration with Facebook Business manager catalog. Combination of the two will enable advertisers to expand their reach by talking advantage of the two platforms. Additionally, richer messaging texts formats will soon be launched in the WhatsApp business application.

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