Jumia scraps shipping fees for Jumia Global items

Customers who shop for Jumia Global items will enjoy free international delivery after Jumia announced that it has scrapped the international shipping fees.

“We will continue to invest in consumer experience as we thrive to grow the e-commerce industry. The service offers customers the ability to buy hassle free, and with free international delivery” Jumia MD, Sam Chapatte said.

‘’This is a bold statement and will be a strong incentive for online shoppers, with no minimum order amounts, customers can shop for products across all categories on both the Jumia website and Jumia app’’ he said.

Shopping for products overseas has always been a scary thing for some people especially due to the charges involved. It will therefore interesting to see how Jumia hacks this.

And does this affect local delivery fees when the item finally gets here? Well, Jumia says customers will, however, need to pay for the local delivery fees.

The announcement comes at the same time the Pan-African e-commerce company announced its listing on the New York Stock Exchange. With the public offering, Jumia becomes the first startup company from Africa to list on a major global exchange.

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