Freeze your perfect love over with this unconventional LG Valentine’s tech gift

That 21-century refrigerators come with so many dazzling features makes it easier to forget what their main job has always been – to simply chill your food. Internet connectivity, temperature regulation, unique sensor technology and user-friendliness are just but a few of the impressive feature you can expect to come across in recent fridge designs.  

Consumers’ tastes and preferences are fast changing and they are no longer satisfied with single-purpose products. Security and convenience have been for longest time, the most common benefits of smart home technology, but time management is another aspect that keeps getting better with every innovation – especially in the kitchen.  

For most of us, the term smart home is usually misconstrued to mean locks, smart lights, and other devices as a television and home theatre. Most recent advancements has seen smart technology get to the hearts of our homes, the kitchen.

Our kitchens play a critical role in our day to day lives. It is where we prepare and enjoy meals.  It is also where some of the most essential form of technologies are found, dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster, oven, just to mention but a few. These kitchen appliances have served their core functions quite well, but constant innovations have led to a smarter kitchen with improved day-to-day utility and made life a lot easier.

In case it has been a while since you expressed appreciation to your other half, this Valentine’s gives you the opportunity to put in a little extra effort – and there is no better way of doing it than creating a new home dining experience with LG’s InstaView. A perfect family hub, the fridge helps you manage your entire kitchen wherever you are.

Laced with revolutionary features, this fridge allows your home to stay connected with all your smart devices as it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allowing you to manage your smart home from a single smart system. The LG InstaView ThinQ helps you plan your meals/family meals better without going through the hassle of yanking through drawers in your kitchen. Two simple taps on the screen of your door will enable you glance through the contents in your fridge without necessarily having to open it.

The LG InstaView ThinQ is designed for convenience and great performance, making your life easier. The LG  InstaView ThinQ will turn your daily kitchen struggles into a forgone problem and transform your kitchen into a high-tech place of culinary ingenuity.

“Our line-up of refrigerators provides our customers with all their storage needs, thanks to our relentless pursuit of innovation,” says LG East Africa Asst. Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Ms. Maureen Kemunto.

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