LG makes the shift to 5G

Imagine a world where houses are self-cleaning and electrical grids responding automatically to fluxes in energy demands. Think about virtual reality, or even augmented reality devoid of the annoying lag that are often in today’s networks. Or should I put it as, living in a smarter and more connected world? From the very basic mobile technology to 5G, mobile technology has come a very long way and the best is yet to come.  

This next generation of wireless technology has the ability to be the global bedrock for all activities related to broadband communications and internet of things for the foreseeable future. It will create an unmatched internet speed, compared to 3G and 4G the 5G internet connectivity is on another new level and increases speed up to 100 times with both security and instantaneous reaction. 2G enabled global communications; 3G and 4G made mobile internet possible; but 5G potentially makes everything to be connected to everything.

When reached for comment regarding this latest generation of cellular mobile communication, Moses Marji, LG East Africa Marketing Manager said “We already have distance learning, but not immersive distance learning. Reliable virtual reality will have the ability to bring a true classroom experience to remote students or to collectively bring a classroom full of students to some far away spot. Such is the extent to which this technology can transform our future world. We have partnered with Sprint, the United States phone network to release the first 5G smartphones in the market, and it will be exclusively compatible with LG devices therefore giving us an edge when it comes to providing our consumers with an opportunity to be early adopters of this technology”.

5G will increase the productivity of many sectors across the globe: manufacturing, medicine, transportation and even productivity. It brings about a faster solution to all these sectors. The system is able to carry large numbers of connections simultaneously, 5G is crucial in the development of smart cities, autonomous cars and smart homes.

Internet of things and artificial intelligence is not possible without the high speed of 5G, high capacity and capability. This technology will have the ability to process data quickly, a factor that has been one of the biggest challenges for Internet of Things solutions using 4G.  Through 5G, more devices will be able to transmit more data simultaneously without any fears of overcrowding that has previously resulted in delays when using 4G network. This network will also allow smart homes to realize the full potential and power of Internet of Things technology.

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