What’s Good for 2019? 5G Network

2018 has been a great year for technology.  It is the year that saw the awe-inspiring scientific and technological advances that have the potential to change our lives in dramatic ways come close to realizing their potential. IBM released its ‘Five-for-Five’ report, highlighting amazing technological advances that will have a real impact on lives in the next half decade. These ranged from AI-powered robot microscopes which will help clean up the world’s water supplies, to Crypto-anchors and block chains which will fight counterfeits and ensure food security globally.

Among the 2018 technological milestones recognized by MIT included artificial embryos, 3D metal printing and Babel Fish earbuds which have the potential to effectively let humans understand each other while communicating in different languages, in near real-time.

With this in mind, it is impossible not to get excited about 2019. LG’s close partnership with Sprint, the US phone network have promised a 2019 release of the first 5G enabled smartphones in the US market exclusively compatible with an LG device. This means full HD movie downloads will just take seconds and graphic heavy videos and high speed games will play on devices without the annoying delays, hiccups or lag time.

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To understand the impact of this innovation, it is important to imagine the future of possibilities that 5G creates. 5G has the potential to match the impact made by the internet just a few decades ago. 3G and 4G were implemented to connect people, however, 5G will connect people to everything. It will go far beyond just increasing the speed of phone searches, creating new possibilities in numerous sectors including transportation, medicine and manufacturing.

A smarter world through IoT and AI is not possible without 5G and its high speed, high capacity and capability. 5G will be crucial in the development of smart cities, autonomous cars and smart homes. As LG continues to innovate consumer centric products, more focus is placed on making the home smarter, and more convenient for the consumers.  Making it possible for the consumer to communicate with the appliances, and the appliances to communicate among themselves is one way of doing that.

“LG has done tremendous work developing technical designs that enable us to be among the first movers in mobile 5G, which will ultimately change how our customers interact with our products. We are excited to revolutionize the mobile industry as a step in creating a futuristic world where life is conveniently seamless for all our customers, “ says Moses Marji, LG East Africa’s Marketing Manager.

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