Telkom Kenya to send home 500 employees in workforce restructuring exercise

Telkom Kenya has announced plans to send home 500 employees as part of its workforce restructuring exercise.

‘’Telkom has issued the requisite thirty-day notice to relevant authorities and company stakeholders, of an intended workforce-restructuring exercise. In the statutory notification to the Ministry of Labour, Telkom Kenya has indicated that it is considering declaring about 500 employees, redundant.’’ a statement from the company read.

Since 2016, Telkom says it has successfully rebranded, invested KSh 14 Billion into its business to expand its network coverage, launched 4G services and its MFS platform, T-kash.

‘’To enable Telkom to invest more into the growth and sustainability of its business, it must align its cost structure and skill-set with its Strategy. This requires Telkom to restructure its business, and as a result, this will impact the current and long-term needs of its workforce. This restructuring will enable Telkom to not only invest in its business but more importantly in its people. ‘’ the statement further read.

Recently, the firm unveiled a Kes. 150 million data center in Nairobi’s Upper Hill. The modernized open access facility located at Milimani Exchange is part of the telco’s network infrastructure expansion programme.

Telkom has also signed an agreement with Loon, a subsidiary of Alphabet to pilot new 4G/LTE access network service in rural areas of Kenya. The idea of Project Loon is to provide basic internet connectivity to parts of Kenya that are not connected yet online by providing connections via balloons that float in the air. Google says the Loon balloons travel approximately 20 km above the Earth’s surface in the stratosphere.

Latest statistics from the Communication Authority for April to June show that Telkom Kenya gained its market share by 1.1 percent with 3.9 million customers. In terms of mobile money Telkom Kenya currently has 16,554 agents, 63,023 active subscribers handling some 78,504 transactions. The Telkom Kenya’s mobile money platform – T-Kash – has handled Kshs 118 million with person-to-person transfers accounting for Kshs 13.9 million of the volumes moved.

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