LG W8 OLED TV: Everything you need to know including specs and features

The LG W8 OLED is one of the TVs LG  Electronics unveiled at CES 2018 early this year. In our last article, we talked about the LG C8 OLED and we will be publishing a series of other articles highlighting all the OLED TV models the South Korean electronics giant unveiled at CES.

During a recent media event in Nairobi, LG’s local office gave the media a glimpse of its 2018 lineup of OLED TVs. This was our first opportunity to get up close to the new models which included the LG W8 OLED, and LG has already announced pricing and availability for its entire 2018 lineup locally.

Remember the LG W8 OLED was also one of the products that were recognized at the CES. In fact, the W8 won more than 10 awards. Could it be the best TV of 2018 already? Well, the LG OLED W8 features better images, improved HDR and also comes at a lower price compared to its predecessor the W7 which was affectionately dubbed the ‘Wallpaper TV’ owing to its thinness.  

The LG W8 OLED is available in 65- and 77 -inch variants (OLED65W8 and OLED77W8). It features  2.75mm thin screen and attractive sidekick, the 4.2 Dolby Atmos channel soundbar at 60 watts. At the back of the soundbar, you will find four HDMI ports, two USB ports, and connectors for composite video, RF antenna, and Ethernet.

The design is not that different from last year’s W7. The display measures just 0.23-inches thick and this is probably one of the best things you will like about the LG W8 OLED.

LG is calling the W8 design aesthetic ‘picture-on-wall’, what this basically means is that the TV perfectly blends into any walls of your home to give you a complete viewing experience.

The W8 is also equipped with the α9 Intelligent Processor, just as we have seen with all LG’s 2018 lineup unveiled at CES. LG says the α9 provides sharpness and depth to deliver the ultimate picture quality, as well as offers the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the house. The α9 creates clearer images with LG’s own Quad-step processing technology by reducing grain and banding noise up to two times compared to conventional TVs and presenting clarity with exquisite details on every image. The color data points processed by the α9 Intelligent Processor are also significantly increased. Utilizing a color table that is 7.3 times more sophisticated than that of conventional TVs, the powerful processor enables the W8 to display true-to-life images with incredibly rich colors.

The LG W8 OLED also features the 4K Cinema HDR technology, in addition to Dolby Vision™, HDR10Pro, and HLG. Something more exciting is that the TV also supports Advanced HDR by Technicolor, a technology frequently used in Hollywood movies. LG OLED TVs are being used by Technicolor as consumer displays in the production of home delivery versions of major Hollywood movies and television content, enabling users to enjoy premium viewing experiences at home.

Of course, the LG W8 OLED wouldn’t be an OLED without us seeing the latest in webOS, which is the operating system LG has been using on a vast majority of its TVs. This year, Google is calling it webOS with Google Assistant. The addition of Google Assistant promises to deliver let’s say the same experience you’re used to having on your phone, but this time around on your TV in the house.

Some of the benefits of Google Assistant include the ability to uses voice commands to control TV functions, search for content over-the-air or on various streaming partners, or control other connected IoT devices in the network. Remember all this is thanks to LG’s SmartThinQ technology.

Well, this really a TV would spend my money on should I have some good cash lying somewhere in my bank. The wallpaper design is just damn cool plus who doesn’t want a TV that looks like a poster held up to the wall with magnets in the house?

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