Infographic: 5 Reasons Why It’s Crucial To Have Live Chat in 2018

Live chat is a web service that enables businesses to communicate in real time with people visiting their website. This fast support is provided through the medium of instant messaging and creates a form of customer service, which can have crucial contribution to the success of any online business.

Increased Sales

A business that utilizes live chat offers personalized service that can seriously increase sales and customer retention. 51% of clients report a higher chance of making a purchase when live chat service is provided. Additionally, 29% of the clients are drawn to buy from a web page with the option for live chat even if they do not use it.

Increased Retention

Customer retention is the process of actively preventing customers from switching to alternative businesses. Live chat is a great way achieving this since it prompts 48% of the clientele to come back. After the first contact, it is in the business’s best interest to build and maintain a relationship with the customer.

This can happen through tailoring services and products to match every customer’s needs. Through live chat applications, you can understand your customers’ behaviour much better, learn about their needs and major points of interest. Gathering such data is an intrinsic part of any software worth its name.

Increased Conversion

The customized chat window that is available on live chat is a way to increase conversion. After the business has built rapport with its visitors, this elevates the conversion rates. The chat window helps prospective customers to instinctively trust the company since they can request real-time assistance instantly, without a struggle. For example, Rescue Spa saw a 30% increase in conversion after live chat was implemented on its website, while the American Marketing Association claims live chat for B2B companies improves conversion by at least 20%.

Increased Brand Reputation

Live chat makes 41% of a business’s online clientele trust the company more. Trust helps to increase the social traffic toward the website and additionally boost retention. Trust is the factor that influences the brand’s proper representation and improves its reputation among existing and prospective clients and business partners.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Due to the immediacy of live chat and swift problem resolution customer satisfaction grows rapidly. Implementing live chat is fundamental with the on-demand nature of the web.

The customers get comfort from being able to chat right from their computer. It is therefore understandable that 21% of the clients report that live chat helps them to make their purchase while working and that 51% of the clientele prefer it to enable multitasking with ease when they have to wait.

Live chat ca have a direct positive impact on the budget too. It is 400% less costly than phone support, and a single chat agent can address as many customer queries as 15 email representatives.

More importantly, live chat provides immediate answers, therefore building confidence in the business and increasing customer satisfaction. The incorporation of the live chat service is justified because all chatters benefit greatly from the interaction.

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