‘’Our focus is to bring the best photography and selfie experience to consumers’’- OPPO

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO has been making some good strides in the Kenyan market. The brand, known for its  cameras phones has since entering the Kenyan market established itself as one of the top smartphone brands to look out for competing with other brands in the same segment like Infinix, Tecno and others.

Each year, the company has been launching new products in the market with a key focus being on the camera. As a youthful brand, OPPO has pioneered many award winning technologies in the camera industry.  

‘’Camera is one of the innovations that young people across the globe find amazing and want to identify themselves with, alongside a phone’s design and specifications’’ James Irungu, the Public Relations and communications lead at OPPO Kenya says.

In 2014 OPPO unveiled the OPPO NI which was the world’s first rotating camera smartphone and this made us realize new possibilities in smartphone photography. The OPPO N1 lens firmly locked in position at any angle helping you capture breathtaking and vividly realistic images with its six physical lens construction and wide f/2.0 aperture in 13-megapixel resolution.

OPPO N1 was the world’s first rotating camera smartphone

One would argue, that OPPO’s focus on the camera will not work for them, but is that the case really? ‘‘Our focus at OPPO is to ensure we give consumers what they want, from quality devices to good camera’’ James Irungu says. This statement could be true considering OPPO has been rising fast and broke onto the top mobile scene in 2015-16 with budget smartphones with high end features.

One thing you will notice with all the other smartphone brands across the world is that they usually have to focus on specific part of the smartphone and focus on just that. For OPPO which was ranked among the 10 global mobile phone brands in 2017, the company has every year been working on new camera technologies, which it describes as a game-changer in the smartphone photography war.

In keeping up with the current trends, just like many other smartphone manufacturers OPPO’s recent line-up has also been shifting towards dual-camera setups at a steady pace. In fact 2017 was described as the year of dual camera phones and OPPO launched the OPPO F3, OPPO F3 plus and the Oppo R11 both with dual cameras. The OPPO F3 actually had dual selfie cameras. Is this something we will be seeing in all future OPPO devices? According to James Irungu, this is not the case, instead OPPO will be focusing on new advanced camera technologies as we have seen on its latest product portfolio.

OPPO F5 A.I Powered selfies

Again, could this new technologies the company is talking about be the Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology we saw on the OPPO F5?  The selfie focused OPPO F5 which we reviewed here comes with AI beauty technology integrated on the front camera. What the technology does is process selfies with beauty mode. But how does it really work? Well, when the beauty mode is activated, OPPO’s ‘’complex algorithms’’ analyzes your face and applies the right skin enhancement filters giving you clear selfies.

‘’The A. I technology enhances image quality by bringing the best features of the subject. This is the latest technology we want to keep improving on our devices’’ James Irungu adds.

OPPO has always insisted that its focus has always been on bringing the best photography and selfie experience to consumers in the country. It will be interesting to see what other new camera technologies apart from the A.I, the company will be incorporating in its future devices.


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