Android Security: Mobiles Phones Spying is it Legal or not?

Smart phone is an individual’s property and it contains most personal and private data of a person. Every person has legal right to secure or hide its personal information from others as everyone wants some space in his own life. Nobody likes interference of others in their own personal life. People want security in practical life and smart phone users also wants to secure their personal mobile data so they use smart phone lock using password or pattern in order to shield personal data and likewise they use LG accessories in Pakistan in order to shield their smart phones.

Mobile spy is a technology which allows another person to access one’s phone to access its mobile personal data. The matter is that mobile spying is legal or not? Most of the people are looking for the answer only in yes or no but the fact is that its answer will never ever be in yes or no as mobile spy is legal from one perspective and it is purely illegal from another perspective. Viewpoints regarding the legality and illegality of the phone spy will be discussed her.

Legal viewpoints

Mobile spy software is a good invention of the modern technology as there are number of reasons to consider mobile spy as legal as there are a good reason to monitor a cell phone.

Children safety

An ever increasing number of young children now have their own phones. As guardians are responsible for the security of their own children’s, and to maintain check and balance on a daily routine of their children is most difficult task nowadays. A parent should have awareness about the daily habits of their kids like who are they conversing with, are they using chat apps, or what types of sites they are visiting? If parents have such type of awareness about their kids then they protect their kids from negative things. Cell phone monitoring apps makes possible for parents to maintain parental control over their kids. Parents can keep an eye on their kids without thoroughly attacking kids’ privacy. Even such type of app can be used as a tracking gadget to keep track of children where they are at any time.  

Monitoring of employees by company owner

Following and monitoring company’s workers utilizing their organization phone can be another sensible utilize. Legallycompany should possess the phone and company should notify them that it is observed. Regularly essentially disclosing to them that the phone utilize is checked will be sufficient to guarantee that it is not battered.

Illegal viewpoints

Most of the chat apps are installed in smart phone which contains conversations of a smart phone user, which is highly personal for a person and they don’t want to share it with any one in any case for example conversation between a girl friend with his boyfriend or a conversation of a husband with his wife is too much private thing which they can’t share with any one. But spying apps is the invention of the latest technology which allows a person to access any one’s phone without his permission and in fact without his knowledge and see all the things which is too personal for a person. And definitely, a person use app lock to secure or hide personal information from others and absolutely he will feel annoyed if he gets to know that its phone is in under consideration and all things are accessible to other which he hide from others using smart phone lock. Absolutely, it’s totally illegal to access other’s phone without his permission.


Monitoring mobile software is a technology which has a positive impact on society as well as negative impact. Utilization of the technology should be for the betterment of society rather than to use it for false purposes. In fact, everything has two ways the right one and the other is wrong one, then it will be an individual’s responsibility to choose the right one to play a positive role in the society, as Xiaomi cases in Pakistan plays a positive role in the field of mobile market.

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